Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy

Before listing the goods for sale on the platform, the seller has the responsibility to ensure that the product complies with all legal requirements and is allowed to be listed for sale according to JaJambo Live's terms and policies. For the convenience of the seller, JaJambo Live provides guidelines below
(not exhaustive) for prohibited and restricted goods that are not allowed to be sold on JaJambo Live. JaJambo Live may update these guidelines periodically as necessary. Please visit this page regularly to stay informed of any updates.

1.Violation of our Terms of Service

If a seller violates this "Prohibited and Restricted Goods Policy," they may face certain penalties, including but not limited to:

• Deletion of the listed goods

• Restriction of account privileges

• Suspension and termination of the account

• Legal action.

2.Prohibited and Restricted Goods List.

2-1 Prohibited Categories: (i) Alcoholic beverages
(ii) Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including but not limited to e-cigarettes
(iii) Live animals and products from endangered species (including but not limited to wildlife)
(iv) Drugs, drug paraphernalia and equipment for drug use
(v) Medical equipment
(vi) Antiques and relics
(vii) Counterfeit currency and stamps
(viii) Credit cards and financial cards
(ix) Currency, including but not limited to virtual currency
(x) Drugs, medications (prescription or over-the-counter), substances with drug-like effects and substances related to sexual deviance
(xi) Telecommunications, electronic monitoring devices and similar electronic devices, such as cable television decoders, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices, eavesdropping devices and wiretapping devices
(xii) Prohibited goods
(xiii) Guns, ammunition, weapons, knives, such as replicas and stun guns
(xiv) Law enforcement items, police equipment, such as batons, electric batons, and stun guns
(xv) Government or law enforcement-related goods, such as badges, logos or uniforms
(xvi) Government-issued certificates, licenses and permits
(xvii) Human organs or remains
(xviii) Lock picking and lock picking equipment
(xix) Lottery tickets
(xx) Insecticides or pesticides.
(xxii) Slot machines for gambling.
(xxiii) Recalled products.
(xxiv) Securities with value, such as stocks, bonds, and stamps.
(xxv) Obscene, provocative, or seditious materials.
(xxvi) Published works, books, movies, videos, and/or video games that do not comply with applicable national laws for sale and/or delivery.
(xxvii) Stolen goods.
(xxviii) Goods with incorrect labeling.
(xxix) Specialized garbage bags.
(xxx) Vehicles with rights, such as leased cars.
(xxxi) Second-hand intimate clothing.
(xxxii) Fireworks and firecrackers.
(xxxiii) Entertainment tickets resold for profit and not for personal use, such as concert tickets.

2-2 Restricted items: (i) Services: Services can be provided on the JaJambo Live platform, except for sexual services, services that are inherently illegal, services that violate the terms of service, or services explicitly prohibited by JaJambo Live in the future.
(ii) Food: When listing such products, the seller should comply with the regulations of the "Health Food Management Act" and the "Food Safety and Sanitation Management Act." If the seller lists products that have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as health food, the approval number (Ministry of Health and Welfare health food number ooooooo) should also be indicated. The seller may describe the approved health effects in the content, but must not exceed the scope of approval. For the safety of users, sellers may not list the following foods on our website:
(a) Foods with medical claims: products that claim to diagnose, treat, alleviate, manage, or prevent human and/or animal diseases, contraception, induce anesthesia, or otherwise prevent or interfere with the normal operation of physiological functions, whether permanent or temporary, and whether by terminating, reducing, delaying, increasing or accelerating the operation of that function;
(b) Toxic foods: foods containing prohibited substances, foods containing substance levels that exceed the permitted proportion, or adulterated foods that have not been fully disclosed to the buyer at the time of sale;
(c) Non-sterilized dairy products;
(d) Wild mushrooms; and
(e) Other foods that may harm human health.
(iii) Environmental Pesticides: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Environmental Pesticide Management Act". If the seller does not hold an environmental pesticide license, an environmental pesticide sales license, or a vector control business license, they are not allowed to advertise or list environmental pesticides. If the seller is a general individual or a non-business entity, they are not allowed to list environmental health pesticides on our website. If the seller holds an environmental pesticide license, an environmental pesticide sales license, or a vector control business license, the seller should also indicate the "manufacturer's name," "environmental pesticide license number," "environmental pesticide sales license number," or "vector control business license number" when advertising environmental pesticides.
(iv) Cosmetics/Skincare: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Cosmetic Hygiene Management Regulations". Any description or narrative related to the product's ingredients, usage, or efficacy that involves claims or advertising nature should obtain a cosmetic advertising license. Only the advertisement contents that have been licensed can be posted, and the advertisement license number should be indicated when posting.
(v) Inspected Goods: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Commodity Inspection Act". If the goods that the seller lists belong to the inspected goods announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the qualified commodity inspection mark should be labeled on the goods themselves. When listing such products, the seller should check whether the goods have a qualified mark and post pictures of the goods containing a qualified mark in the store. If the seller imports or manufactures such products for sale, they should also complete the inspection procedure in accordance with the provisions of the Commodity Inspection Act and disclose the qualified mark in the product description.
(vi) Telecommunication Radio Frequency Devices: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Telecommunications Act". Such products must pass the wireless radio frequency type certification inspection, and the product's type certification number should be provided in the product description or clearly identifiable in the product image.
(vii) Gift Certificates: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Standardized Contract Items to be Recorded and Items Not to be Recorded". Besides confirming that the gift certificate has a guarantee of the issuer's performance responsibility, the seller should also disclose whether the gift certificate clearly records the issuer's performance responsibility in the product description.
(viii) Travel Services/Air Tickets: When selling such products, the seller should comply with the provisions of the "Development of Tourism Regulations" and the "Travel Industry Management Rules".
(ix) Vehicle rental: When the seller advertises this type of service, they should comply with the regulations of the "Highway Act" and the "Regulations for the Administration of Automobile Transportation Industry".
(x) Toy guns and related items: When the seller advertises this type of product, they should comply with the "Arms and Ammunition Control Act" and are not allowed to post simulation guns, prop guns, or other firearms that have a striking bottom fire, and the metal or bullets used in the aforementioned firearms, such as steel balls, BB bullets, etc., on our website.
(xi) In order to prevent the spread of animal infectious diseases, overseas animals or animal products should be quarantined when imported into our country, and they should comply with the animal quarantine regulations and apply for quarantine in accordance with the regulations. Those who illegally import quarantined items may be sentenced to up to 7 years imprisonment and a fine of up to NT $3 million. Those who do not apply for quarantine in accordance with regulations will be fined up to NT $1 million and may be subject to additional fines per violation.
(xii) Overseas goods cannot be accompanied by quarantined items.
(xiii) If the recipient violates Article 34, Paragraph 3 of the Animal Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act by failing to submit quarantined items shipped by post to the import and export animal quarantine agency for cancellation, they shall be fined between NT $30,000 and NT $150,000, and may be ordered to make improvements within a specified period of time. If the recipient fails to make the required improvements by the deadline, they may be subject to additional fines per violation.
(xiv) Please be sure to confirm clearly before listing to avoid penalties.

In addition to the prohibited and restricted items listed above, any other items that are illegal or restricted in the jurisdiction of the buyer and/or seller, or that may be used to encourage illegal or restricted activities, are also considered prohibited and restricted items. If you see a listing that violates our policies, please click the "Report this product" or "Report this user" button in the dropdown menu on the product or user page to report it to us. If a violation of our policy occurs, we will send the seller an email, system message, and push notification informing them that the item has been removed from our website.

We will also send push notifications to buyers who have purchased the listed items. It is your responsibility to ensure that your phone settings allow you to receive push notifications. If you have any other questions, please contact us at the following email

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