Total solution for
Live-commerce and
E-commerce Order Management

The automatic order capturing from comment posts, and Live streaming. 100% accuracy of capturing the orders from Facebook, Instagram into a back-end. With the special features of rewards, lucky draw, promotional campaigns,
E-mall and analytics system only at JamboLive !
Get rid of human error or order missing.

  • Order Capturing System
    Don’t Miss the Orders from Customers!

    100% accuracy of order capturing. We can capture both streaming and comments in posts after ending.

  • Order Capturing System
    Massage Filter and Wrong Keyword Capturing

    JamboLive system could capture the wrong texting, spaces, capitalized or symbols. Also have the technical team to approach for errors.

  • Order Capturing System
    Receiving Orders from Multichannels

    Able to receive the orders from your available channels. JamboLive could connect Facebook Live, Instagram, Messenger and gather into one backend.

  • Order Capturing System
    Pre-Order System

    Get more sales opportunity by pre-order sales and pay later.
    Including automatically balancing stock management.

  • Order Capturing System
    Lucky Draw Feature

    Customers could enjoy with the shop to win the prize while live streaming. This special function is only at JamboLive !

  • Order Capturing System
    Sales Report by Date

    Able to get sales report, sales order of each live streaming instantly.

  • Inventory Management
    Create and Add Products While Streaming

    Able to create and edit products into list of sales to increase the sales opportunity with JamboLive technical support team to assist all the time of streaming.

  • Inventory Management

    Free E-commerce platform for every clients to get more sales whether the customers missed your live! Able to order 24/7 and instant update inventory in backend. Only at JamboLive !

  • Inventory Management
    Product Categories

    Grouping products by categories which make you more easier to manage the stock

  • Order Management
    Checkout Order Assistant

    No worry of trouble of order confirmation. JamboLive supports for checking out without errors.

  • Order Management
    Order Details by Customer

    Easy to get the details by channel of selling by individual order for analysis.

  • Shipping Management
    API Shipping Gateway

    Able to export waybills and automatic shipping status update via JamboLive back-end!

  • Shipping Management
    API Shipping Gateway

    Collaboration with delivery rates* with pickup and dropoff services including cash-on-delivery(COD) services

    *Terms of service depends on individual shipping service provider

  • Shipping Management
    Free Shipping Promotion

    Able to provide the free shipping promotion for selected products

  • Shipping Management
    Better for Business Growth

    Issuing commercial invoice and shipping document as business format including delivery statistics and sales report by date

  • Shipping Management
    JamboLive Report

    Delivery reports and history to benefit of analysis in costs of operation to monitor the business situation

  • Shipping Management
    Flexible Billing Format

    Order separation by split the bills or gather the orders by combination

  • Customer Management
    Blacklist Customer

    The feature is to avoid the customers who abandon order history and make them unable to make an order confirmation of the next selling

  • Customer Management

    Provide the rewards for customers for redemption in the next purchase and increase to repurchase opportunity

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Everything that Live Sellers Needed is Here!
JamboLive understands what Live sellers need for Live sale.
We create the useful functions that all Live sellers want,that we can keep growing together.
    After receiving orders, order summary and proceed for payment and fill shipping information automatically and conveniently. Moreover, customers could monitor delivery status instantly via JamboLive platform
  • E-MALL
    Every clients get free own E-commerce page without commission fee or charges. Unlimited products selling. Convenient by create and manage orders/ stocks from the same back-end of Live streaming channels. Increasing sales opportunity even without Live streaming. E-Mall is only at JamboLive!
    100% accuracy of capturing. Typing the codes into comment box or messenger.
    The system could capture and summarize without missing sales opportunity
    These special features are only at JamboLive !
    Lucky draw feature could appeal the customers to
    enjoy Live shopping and get the rewards.
    For loyalty program, the promotion could be prioritize the VIP customers by 3 tiers, blacklists for customer who abandoned orders managed by individual order history.
    Convenient order management from receiving orders until complete delivery.
    Friendly interfaces for customers and merchants.
    More trusty for merchant by slip verification system by KBANK*
    Connect verified shipping partners by API Gateway, could be automatic notified tracking numbers, monitor shipping status and COD service.
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