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Capture orders flawlessly from comments and live streams on Facebook, Instagram.
Enjoy exclusive features - rewards, lucky draws, promotions, E-mall, and powerful analytics.
No more order errors or misses!
Boost your business with JamboLive!

  • Live Streaming
    Capture order 100%

    JamboLive effortlessly captures orders 100% during live sessions from many sources; no matter what source the customer types, we ensure no order is missed or lost.

  • Live Streaming
    Live streaming

    Not just capturing orders from live streaming, JamboLive can easily connect to many sources and capture orders from Facebook, Instagram, or Line. You can even save time from this to increase sales and attraction.

  • Live Streaming
    Multi- Source

    JamboLive easily captures orders from various channels such as Facebook, Instagram. Whether you sell through Live, Post, Reels and Messenger. We can captures all the orders.

  • Live Streaming
    Buying and selling multiple items simultaneously.

    JamboLive smoothly handles simultaneous sales, whether it’s a few or many products. Prepare or create products in real-time during live sessions. If the customer types wrong keyword, we can drag to create orders or edit and remove the orders within one page.

  • Live Streaming
    Automatic Order Capturing System

    You don’t have to worry that the orders won’t be captured while using JamboLive because we automatically captures every order 100%, ensuring no orders are missed or lost.

  • Live Streaming
    Jambo Queue

    Solves customer problems in placing unwanted orders. It makes other customers unable to purchase the products, and the store may lose opportunities to sell. Let Jambo Queue help you manage the queue for those customers who cancel their orders for potential customers who want to buy.

  • Live Streaming

    JamboLive let you sell products on a pre-order system instead of keeping them in stock. You can inform customers for payment as soon as the products arrive.

  • Chat & Shop
    Chat & Shop

    All customers text messages from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE Official Account, and Whatsapp are stored together, allowing for quick response. Further, a simple search feature minimizes the issue of struggling to find conversations with customers.

  • Chat & Shop
    Message window ( from Chat & Shop )

    Respond to messages quickly without having to switch between different chats. You can easily send photos using the chat interface and enlarge the conversation window for a better view.

  • Chat & Shop
    Customer Information

    You can view key customer information in Chat & Shop, such as VIP level settings, collected points, and special offers shown on the profile page of the Chat & Shop interface.

  • Chat & Shop
    Order and Product Management

    Orders can be quickly created or edited, and you can review customer order information. Additionally, you can use the chat system to send a summary link of the order information directly.

  • Stock Management
    Create Product Listings

    Before starting the livestream, you have the option to prepare a product list for advance sales. This simplifies the management of quantities and stock, enhancing overall convenience.

  • Stock Management
    Pricing Management

    Whether you're selling through live streams, in the E-mall, or offering wholesale or special prices for returning customers, you can customize pricing settings for each type. This allows you to precisely and efficiently meet every need of different types of customers.

  • Stock Management

    Every shop will benefit from free E-Commerce Sales Pages. You can sell
    24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use the same inventory for both online sales pages and livestreams, preventing the need to manage various stocks.

  • Stock Management
    Create Code Sets

    JamboLive offers a function that allows you to generate several keywords at the same time, making product keyword creation and management much more simple than you think.

  • Stock Management
    Product Style Settings

    JamboLive can manage product variants for items with different style, such as size or color. You can save time and prevent repetitive setup processes by setting frequently used product styles and formats.

  • Stock Management
    Set Prices for Styles

    JamboLive allows you to set different prices for styles (size, color) without the need for separate keywords. You can use the same code and differentiate styles with different prices. By setting frequently used product styles and formats, you can reuse these settings, saving time and avoiding repetitive setup tasks.

  • Stock Management
    Inventory Management

    The inventory management system from JamboLive improves the efficiency of your product sales process by providing you a clearer view of the status of your inventory and offering effective management solutions.

  • Order Management
    Private Messaging

    JamboLive enables direct messaging with buyers regarding order status. Responding quickly to customer messages through the system can help reduce order processing errors.

  • Order Management
    Broadcast Notifications

    The system can send order-related broadcast notifications directly to customers, Customers will receive these notification messages as soon as they are sent.

  • Order Management
    Lucky Draw

    Stores can increase customer participation via live streaming by randomly picking lucky participants. This is another method for retaining customers interested and connected with you from the start to the finish of the live session, and it can simply carried out with the JamboLive.

  • Order Management
    Checkout Summary Assistance

    JamboLive enhances business processes by providing a checkout system that facilitates customers. The feature is intended to address transaction concerns for customers who are having difficulties throughout the checkout process.

  • Delivery Management
    Full Cooperation with Leading Shipping Services

    JamboLive has a complete product delivery management system as well as an API that interacts directly with well-known shipping services. This allows for the fast generation of shipping labels and tracking numbers.

  • Delivery Management
    Payment Slip Verification

    JamboLive provides detailed payment status monitoring along with an automated payment slip verification system that detects for fraud slips.

  • Delivery Management
    Invoice Generation System

    With only one click, JamboLive makes it simple to generate tax invoices.

  • Delivery Management
    Shipping Summary Reports

    With Jambo Live's full shipping summary report, you can access all the information you need to know about the progress of your order and delivery on one page.

  • Delivery Management
    Merge Bill

    When your customers have more than one order and wish to save on shipping costs, you can easily achieve this by merging bill.

  • Delivery Management
    Split Bill

    By using JamboLive, it is simply to split bills. There's no need for creating order cancellations even harder. You can split bills with a single click, no matter how many you want to split.

  • Customer Management
    Customer Purchase History

    JamboLive has complete statistical features and customer data storage, including purchase rates, cancellation rates, and total order amounts. This allows you to simply understand and evaluate customer behaviors.

  • Customer Management
    VIP Management

    Set VIP levels for your regular customers and provide discounted rates or award them with accumulated points as rewards for being VIP customers.

  • Customer Management
    Blacklist Customer

    JamboLive can help you manage tricky customers or clients who cancel orders frequently. Customers who have been blocked are unaware that they have been blocked.

  • Customer Management
    Create Promotions

    You can use the JamboLive to generate promotions by creating discounts or vouchers to attract customers and encourage engagement.

  • Customer Management
    Customer Rewards

    You can engage in fun activities with customers by offering loyalty points as an additional strategy for encouraging them to return and make more purchases with you.

  • Jambo Dashboard
    Jambo Dashboard

    Sales Summary Reports enable you to examine and summarize market demands, allowing you to improve strategies and sales performance.

  • Jambo Dashboard
    Customer Behavior Analysis

    JamboLive can assist you in analyzing customer behavior, whether they are returning or new customers, through the Jambo Dashboard feature. This powerful tool simplifies the analysis of customer preferences, enabling you to quickly identify the most desired products and those with the highest repeat purchases. You can implement effective marketing strategies, such as various promotional activities or coupon discounts.

  • Jambo Dashboard
    Live Streaming Analytics

    Given that the live streaming market is becoming more competitive, having analytical tools such as Jambo Dashboard becomes necessary. With the help of this tool, you can better understand and plan how to keep viewers interested during your live sessions, which will increase sales for your company.

  • Jambo Dashboard
    Product Insight Analytics

    Product demand for different products can be better understood by using analytical methods that categorize different product types. You can stay ahead of market trends by using Jambo Dashboard to get insights into the popularity of particular product categories at this point.

  • Jambo Dashboard
    Facebook Insight Analytics

    You may better understand your customer base by using the Facebook Page analytics tool, which offers detailed insights about the number of page followers. It also helps you build long-term relationships with customers.

  • Promotion Management
    Promotional Activities with Discounts

    JamboLive focuses on enticing both returning and new customers by offering various promotional activities such as percentage discounts, discount codes, and discount coupons. You can also strategically set time frames and usage limits for discount codes to optimize your marketing costs.

  • Promotion Management
    Lucky Draw System

    JamboLive offers an additional advertising strategy to increase customer participation during your live sessions: random draws and live streaming prize announcements. This boosts viewing and motivates customers to interact with your store.

Capturing orders for online sellers
Effortlessly manage your backend system with our order capture system,
designed to make online selling easier.
  • Multi-Platform Order Capture
    JamboLive can manage order capturing across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, live streams, posts, reels, and Messenger. It ensures flawless order processing with a 100% success rate and automatically summarizes the orders for customers. Regardless of the platform you use for selling products, you can rely on JamboLive to take care of it all.
  • Chat & Shop
    Chat & Shop connects to a variety of communication platforms with convenience. You can immediately interact with customers through the JamboLive, without switching between platforms, regardless of the number of platforms you have. This facilitates effective customer communication and saves you time. In addition, this integrated system lets you to create orders for customers as well.
  • Real-time Analytics
    JamboLive's real-time data analytics feature assists you in analyzing sales situations, the proportion of new to current customers, advertising performance, and customer behavior. This preparation allows your online business to be ready for the next stages and growth.
  • Various Payment Options
    JamboLive accepts a number of payment methods to make purchases easier for you. We provide a variety of payment channels for customers to access, including QR codes, PromptPay, cash on delivery, bank transfers, and many more.
  • E-mall
    JamboLive offers a free E-Mall website service, allowing you to sell products around 24 hours a day. This not only improves customer accessibility, but it also increases your customer base and sales. You can also use the E-Mall platform to develop and promote the shop's brand.
  • Shopping cart
    JamboLive enables you to sell products 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the requirement for ongoing live streaming. This can be done through the E-Mall website, which allows you to conduct sales smoothly via an online platform.
  • Efficient Inventory Control with JamboLive
    JamboLive helps you in effectively managing your inventory, reducing oversales and ensuring effortless transactions. You can simply edit product quantities, add new products, and make adjustments in real time, even while your shop is live.
  • Fast and Reliable Deliveries!
    JamboLive is partner with leading Thai shipping companies such as Thailand Post, Kerry Express, Flash Express, J&T Express, etc. When you use JamboLive, you'll receive special shipping fees immediately.
  • One-Click Order Creation
    Selling products is as simple as one click. With one click, JamboLive sends summary messages, confirms orders, and gives tracking numbers to your customers. So you don't have to worry about your customers losing out on anything.
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