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  • Princess Party
    The Live selling combines with funny singing vibes, high interaction during Live

    In the recent years, many of e-commerce store turned to “Live Sale” and generated lots of money and becomes their main source of incomes, due to the gradually of Live-commerce, customers are getting used to it. But then when you got a massive of orders and customers, you won’t be able to capture and ship the orders accurately without website admin and specialized engineers, also cannot manage your inventory effectively, your inventory may out of stock. If you want to expand your business, you will need a good reliable order management to solve all problems for a larger business skill, JamboLive is our best choice that we want to recommend you.

  • A Ching Live
    A popular Taiwanese Live seller,
    Live with lively and fun in Taiwan!!

    The biggest problem of Live sale is that “cannot find the bestselling product”, but once I knew it, I couldn’t take all the orders, because there’s a lot of messages, we couldn’t take care of. After I started using JamboLive system, no matter how much the orders, messages are,
    I don’t need to worry about it anymore, and I became able to focus more about how to make more profit.

  • TR Box Treasure House
    The most down-to-earth Live seller, selling Taiwan’s cloths,daily-use and household products

    If you have a lot of orders and message you should have an order management system like us, the most important of the order management system is stability, which mean if there is an order entried, don’t have to worry whether the system will capture the orders or not, but I can ensure that JamboLive will capture every single order, so I don’t have to be worried about it anymore, and I can focus on finding the best products for my beloved customers. For us, what JamboLive gives us cannot be replaced by anyone!

  • Mister 625
    Watching this Live is just like you’re shopping in department store, everything you want are in this live!

    JamboLive’s flexibility let me sell and receive orders from multiple channels, with a lot of useful functions e.g. bill merging, bill splitting, bill cancellation, making it more convenient to manage all types of stock. For us JamboLive can be used easily with any shops and work under their requirements.

  • Happy Everyday
    The fresh Taiwanese seafood with the reasonable price, you can buy everyday

    Apart from the strength and charm of Live sales, another important factor is back-office system, JamboLive is a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly software, we think it is the core supporter of our store, in addition of easy and convenient to use, sometimes when Facebook crashed, we will not be able to see what customers write on Facebook, but anyhow we still can see customer’s comments on JamboLive system. And the most important factor is JamboLive has customer service team who always being helpful and solve problems in short time. We can say that JamboLive is the best assistant of our Happy Everyday!

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