• 【Meta Business Pertner】

    JamboLive is now becomes a Meta partner.

    Your Live Broadcasting will be closely connected to billions of Facebook users worldwide.Providing users with a better Live shopping experience and broader development opportunities.

  • Live-commerce and E-commerce Order management platform

    JamboLive, the automatic order capturing from comment posts, and live streaming. 100% accuracy with advanced technology. The orders could be gathered via various social media platforms into one back-end. Including special assistance for sales & marketing. Furthermore, creating promotional campaigns and participation to customers.

  • E-Mall shopping

    Beyond Live streaming experience. Offering at JamboLive only! We increase the sales opportunity by displayed every goods in your back-end to E-mall instantly without processing fee and no charges!*Special offer for every shops using JamboLive platform

  • Lucky Draw | Increasing sales opportunity

    Special feature at JamboLive only! Able to boost up sales and participate with customer to join Live streaming.

Everything for Live-commerce Expert at JamboLive!
Live-commerce and E-commerce order management, establishing your shop become more easily by automatic orders capturing,
summarize and delivering to customers conveniently and accurately!
  • Automatic order capturing
  • Loyalty & Lucky Draw Features
  • Free E-Mall
    for every shops
  • Manage one back-end conveniently
  • Connected API with
    top logistics providers
  • 100% accuracy of order capturing by product code
Convenience with total solutions for Live-commerce business

Total solutions for every business sizes and support for business growth. Accurately connecting with Live streaming channels, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok*

*For more details, please contact our specialists.

Our Customers
More than 2,100 businesses across Asia choose JamboLive to be a part of their success!
Guaranteed of 250% sales growth!
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Official Meta Business Partner
Our Distinguished Clients & Partners in Asia
JamboLive provides a completed solution for Live-commerce to solve the pain point of many sellers. JamboLive corporate with world leading company as a partner to help sellers solving problems, making the workflow to be more convenience and accurate.

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Let’s make your Live-selling flies!

The simple and intuitive operating system, from selling on the Live until buyer receive the package, helping seller to save time, labors, shorten the delivery time, reduce returned goods and exchange rate, no matter how many orders you got or how many goods you have, you don’t need to be afraid because JamboLive got this! Your Live-selling will be simple and convenient since the begin of the operation, increase your store performance!

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