• 【Meta Business Partner】

    JamboLive is now becomes a Meta partner.

    Your Live Broadcasting will be closely connected to billions of Facebook users worldwide.Providing users with a better Live shopping experience and broader development opportunities.

  • Multi-Channel

    The Muti-Channel System by JamboLive:
    Seamlessly supports simultaneous live streaming
    on multiple platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
    Not only does it extend sales channels on online platforms,
    but it also effortlessly enhances sales - just a click away.

  • Chat & Shop

    The Chat & Shop System by JamboLive consolidates
    chats from every page and platform into one place.
    Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LINE OA, or WhatsApp,
    it streamlines customer responses, making it convenient
    and easy. Plus, it enables professional sales closure.

  • Jambo Dashboard

    Jambo Dashboard allows real-time data collection,
    serving as a tool for analyzing various information.
    This aids in a deeper understanding of customer
    purchasing behavior, enabling you to tailor product
    offerings accurately to meet their needs. Utilize this
    insight to rapidly achieve success in advancing and
    optimizing sales strategies.

JamboLive: An all-inclusive
Your comprehensive e-commerce order management solution understands your needs, assisting from
order summary to payment verification, shipping arrangements, and through the completion of your sale.
  • Capture orders through diverse channels.
  • Consolidate chats in one place.
  • Real-time data insights.
  • Automatic order capturing
  • Loyalty & Lucky Draw Features
  • Free E-Mall
    for every shops
  • Manage one back-end conveniently
  • Connected API with
    top logistics providers
  • 100% accuracy of order capturing by product code
Convenience with total solutions for Live-commerce business

Total solutions for every business sizes and support for business growth. Accurately connecting with Live streaming channels, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok*

*For more details, please contact our specialists.

Our Customers
More than 2,100 businesses across Asia choose JamboLive to be a part of their success!
Guaranteed of 250% sales growth!
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Official Meta Business Partner
Our Distinguished Clients & Partners in Asia
JamboLive provides a completed solution for Live-commerce to solve the pain point of many sellers. JamboLive corporate with world leading company as a partner to help sellers solving problems, making the workflow to be more convenience and accurate.

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