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JamboLive commits to Live-Commerce Business Entrepreneurs to provide and establish exclusive Live-Commerce channels,
sale website, live sell platform.
Providing one stop Live-Commerce solution services, serving various live sellers, we also serve live sellers in Taiwan and Malaysia, providing a stable and instant platform, giving seller a variety of intuitive experience, user-friendly sell services, get started quickly.
JamboLive places the great importance on buyer’s experience as much as seller’s experience, besides application for seller, we also have the Jambo+1 application for the buyer, we will notify you anytime, anywhere as long as the broadcast is started. 

 No Matters you want to Sell or Buy, Go to JamboLive +1

Customer service E-mail:srv.admin@jambolive.tv
Taipei Headquarters: 16F.-2, No.163, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City 110058, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taichung Branch: Taichung city, North district, Taiwan Avenue, section 2, no.360, 24th floor, office2.

office Tel:(02)2755-1968
Business Hours:10:00 ~ 18:00
Customer Service Time:10:00 ~ 18:00

Return Policy

After receiving the goods, please check them immediately. If there are any defects or broken goods, please inform the seller or return the goods within seven days of receiving them. We will immediately handle the replacement or cancellation for you.
Due to personal hygiene considerations, personal products cannot be returned or exchanged once they are opened. Defect standards:

Incorrect order (Incorrect order (including but not limited to mismatched product specifications, styles, or quantities).)。
Defective goods (including but not limited to quality defects, damage during shipping, etc.).
The goods do not match the product descriptions (including but not limited to product usage, functions, etc.).
To be eligible for a return, the goods must be in the same condition as when they were received, including all original packaging and tags. We only accept goods that are unused, unworn, unwashed, and undamaged (e.g., perfumes, deodorants, tobacco, lotion, etc.). We cannot accept returns for these products.

Please note that goods must be returned within seven days of the receiving date. If you return them after seven days, you will be responsible for the shipping fee.

Privacy & Policy

JamboLive’s privacy policy is operated by JAMBOLIVE TECHNOLOGY LTD., CO(hereinafter, the "Company") Company value the importance of your personal data protection, collect, process and use your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, with this we will protect your personal data rights. If you don’t agree with this privacy policy or you don’t agree with some parts of this privacy policy, please do not use the services from this website.

1. Scope of Application
Please confirm that you have reviewed and agreed to all terms of this privacy policy before using the services provided by this website. This privacy policy only applies to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data by this website and does not apply to any other companies or individuals who are not owned or controlled by the Company. You may be directed to third-party websites through links on this website, and any personal data collected by those websites is subject to their respective privacy policies and is not related to the Company.
2. Notification Items under the Personal Data Protection Act
(1)Collecting agency name: JAMBOLIVE TECHNOLOGY LTD., CO
(2)Collection purposes: Providing related services of the Company, marketing, contracts, similar contracts or other legal relationship matters, consumer and customer management and service, online shopping and other e-commerce services, advertising and business management, and other businesses in compliance with the registration items or the organizational charter.
(3)Personal data categories: Identification (name, address, contact phone, email), characteristic (age, gender, date of birth, etc.), social situation (interests, leisure, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.), other (electronic emails, website messages, system-recorded trace information, etc.).
(4)Personal data usage period: During the membership validity period and six months after termination; for non-members, six months after the purpose of collecting personal data has disappeared.
(5)Personal data usage region: The location where the Company conducts its business and where the server host is located, currently primarily in Taiwan. (6)Personal data usage object: The Company and its outsourcing partners (e.g., logistics providers, payment gateways, or exhibitors of promotional or display items); in the case of joint data collection activities with other companies, it will be indicated during such joint collection events.
(7)Personal data usage method: In accordance with the scope of the collection purpose and this privacy policy.
(8)How to exercise personal data rights: Pursuant to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to inquire or request to access, copy, supplement or correct, request to stop collecting, processing or using, and request to delete your personal data. You may contact us (the Company will process your request as soon as we receive it, subject to confirmation of receipt and to avoid email system errors or other issues).
(9)Personal Information Selection Instructions: If our company collects personal information and indicates on the webpage or document that it is optional, it is only to provide you with a better experience when using this website and will not affect your rights to use this website.
3. Explanation of Personal Information Collection, Processing, and Use: Our company may use Facebook or similar social media service systems to publish some information on your social activity information page with your consent. If you do not agree to the publication of such information, please do not click the agree button, or remove the information through the member mechanism of the relevant social media service or refuse this website to continue publishing related information. If you have any questions, you can still contact our company, and we will assist you in confirming and processing related issues. Except as required by law to be provided to judicial, prosecutorial agencies, relevant competent authorities, or for the necessary use scope for executing related activities with our company's co-branded partners, our company will not arbitrarily provide your personal information to third parties.

When our company or this website is completely or partially divided, operated by an independent subsidiary, acquired or merged with assets by other third parties, resulting in a transfer of operating rights, our company will announce relevant details on this website in advance, and all or part of the user information owned by our company or this website may also be transferred to third parties in the event of a transfer of operating rights. However, this is limited to personal information related to the services of the operating rights transfer. If our company or this website partially transfers its operation to a third party, you are still a member of our company. If you do not wish our company to continue using your personal information in the future, you can exercise your rights with our company according to this privacy policy.
4. Cookie technology: To facilitate future identification, when you use our website services, we may set and access cookies on your computer. You can decide whether to allow the use of cookie technology by setting your personal computer or internet device. If you disable cookies, it may cause inconvenience or limitations to some functions when using our website services.
5. Confidentiality and security: We limit access to your personal data to employees who we reasonably believe need to access such data to provide products or services to you or to perform their job duties. To protect the security of your account and personal data, please do not provide your personal account or password to third parties or allow third parties to apply for accounts or passwords using your personal data. Otherwise, you will be solely responsible for any relevant liabilities. If your account or password is at risk of being leaked, please change your password immediately or notify us to suspend the account (we may require you to verify your personal data). The internet is not a secure information transmission environment, please avoid providing sensitive personal data to others or disclosing it publicly on our website.
6. Protection of minors: Our website is not specifically designed for minors/children. When minors use our website and agree to the collection and use of their personal information, they should do so with the consent of their legal guardian or custodian. Legal guardians or custodians may request us to stop collecting, processing, and using specific accounts and related personal data at any time.
7. Modification of Privacy Policy: If the privacy policy is modified, we will notify you of any significant changes by email or text message and announce it on our website. If you do not agree to such changes or modifications, please stop using our website services and notify us to stop collecting, processing, and using your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. You can modify your personal account information at any time. We reserve the right to send you specific messages related to our services, such as service announcements and management messages, which are considered part of your account and cannot be opted out of.
Questions and Suggestions: If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us(srv.admin@jambolive.tv)。

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