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There’s a rapidly increase of using Facebook Live in the past two years, attracting many sellers to use live broadcasts for merchandise sales, there are all kinds of goods, but live sell is not easy like everyone thinks, sellers must face difficulties, and inconveniences ex. insufficient viewers, can’t receive the orders, spend a lot of time to reply customers’ messages, ship the wrong orders.

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JamboLive provides a completed solution for Live-Commerce to solve the pain point of many sellers. JamboLive corporate with world leading company as a partner to help sellers solving problems, making the workflow to be more convenience and accurate.
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The simple and intuitive operating system, from selling on the live until buyer receive the package, helping sellers to save time, labors, shortens the delivery time, reduces return goods and exchange rate, no matter how many orders you got or how many goods you have, you don’t need to be afraid because JamboLive got this! You live sales will be simple and convenient since the begin of the operation, increase your store performance!

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